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Indoor Displays

Indoor Display Network

People go to the bathroom.

People accept the presence of executives in public restrooms .

People remember seeing a campaign in Maxmedia frames.

People recognize’s proposed product Maxmedia


Why Maxmedia?

  • Proximity of indoor advertising and power of a real ad network;
  • No ad clutter;
  • Reaches the young (18-34 years) and affluent (35-50 years);
  • Offers exclusivity to the advertiser;
  • Powerful national ad network with Newad;
  • A unique network renowned by international advertisers;
  • Delivers a precise message to a predetermined clientele



  • Strategic face-to-face: minimum exposure time of 54 seconds for men and 103 seconds for women;
  • Reaches your targeted clientele;
  • Undivided attention and high traffic;
  • Precise targeting, face-to-face dialogue and lack of ad clutter;
  • Favours quality of contact over quantity of contact;
  • 66% remember having seen framed ad campaigns;
  • 85% recognize the product;
  • 51.6% plan on purchasing it.


Being the leader in communications through innovative approach to interior signage. Maxmedia philosophy is to create strong links with the business and social community to leave its mark in the economic development of Gatineau and Ottawa.


690-A boul. Saint-Joseph
Gatineau, Quebec J8Y 4A8
Phone: 819-772-1635